Winter Retreat!

Winter Retreat has a new location for 2014! The Fellowship’s annual trip took place at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, MA. Over three full days Fellows were able to learn, relax and connect. Read on to learn about our group’s activities!

On Wednesday Stephanie kicked off the retreat with a fellow celebration with Stephanie! The group gave “kudos” to each other in a fun activity. Will led a powerful social justice training on “Our Political Selves.” Next, several Fellows led peer trainings on a topic of their interest. These workshops included manicures, spoken word and the “immortal game.” The Recruitment Ambassadors led an ice breaker related to recruiting Class 16. The group ended the night with dinner and fellow prom w/ DJ Hershey’s Kiss!

On Thursday Dontae led the group’s first activity, an icebreaker. The Fellows then dived into a resume peer-review and a “Life After AmeriCorps” training. Fellows led skillshares that afternoon: Renata made button earrings, Caitlin offered a cooking course, Shannon provided dance lessons and Jamal showed off his favorite fried chicken recipe. Fellows were able to take advantage of some R&R time that afternoon. Some Fellows relaxed in the logdge, while others went skiing, hiking or swimming. The evening ended with a Legacy Project training with Cat, a talent show and a pizza party!

On the last day of retreat Fellows participated in their last Olympic event. Rei led his second “Sharing Your Story” workshop and Senior Fellows guided the group through some advising time. The retreat ended with poster affirmations and everyone’s favorite—Pass the Wagon! Stay tuned for April’s update: the Fellows are headed to Dorchester!









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