Fellow of the Week: Erica Pike!


Meet Erica Pike, your Fellow of the Week! Erica serves at The 84 Movement, involving youth in tobacco prevention programming!

Why do you serve? I serve because it gives me the opportunity to build my professional skills and network while making a positive impact on young people in Massachusetts.

What is a typical day at your host site like? First things first, coffee. Then I check through my emails. Next, I’ll make some recruitment calls for The 84 Movement to get more young people in Massachusetts involved in our tobacco prevention campaign. After that I could be creating curriculum for my next Statewide Leadership Team meeting or meeting with The 84 team to develop materials or new programming ideas. Finally, I’ll shoot out some text reminders to my youth about our upcoming meetings, which are held on Sundays.

What is the best part about working with young people? My favorite thing about working with young people is the dedication they bring to their communities. I work with students from all across Massachusetts who are excited about exposing the influence that the tobacco industry has in their community, especially toward youth, and hearing their experiences and passion for this public health concern is inspiring.

How is the fellowship preparing you professionally? The Mass Promise Fellowship has given me the opportunity to develop skills in program management, training facilitation, advocacy and relationship building.

What is your favorite dance move? The flit and flutter. Wave your right arm then your left and do a little jig.


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