Megan Gonsalves: Fellow of The Week!


Meet Meg Gonsalves, Academic Support Fellow at The West End House!

1. What drew you to join The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?

MPF was a beacon of benefits which drew me out of the post-grad job search fog. It heralded projects focused on direct-service with youth, which was a high priority for me. It also offered the opportunity to volunteer for my community and country- while being able to chip away at student loans thanks to the education award!  In addition, I was thrilled by the idea of joining an intentional learning community which would meet each month to continually better ourselves and the quality of our impact.

2. What is one thing you love most about your host site?

I bet you couldn’t guess this coming- MY YOUTH! Because of them, Mondays aren’t “Mondays” and each day my heart grows a little bigger. 


3. What is your favorite benefit of The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?

My favorite benefit is all the wonderful people who have been introduced into my life. The community of the fellowship is an inspiring world of diverse ideas and experiences.


4. How is the fellowship helping to inform your future career aspirations?

The fellowship is helping inform my career aspirations by introducing me to a vast network of people and resources. From our guest trainers, MPF alum, and speakers at the Non-Profit Leadership Institute, I’m learning about related fields and also gaining an understanding of what I have to offer to a future career. 


5. Who is your favorite Disney character and why??

That’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is. After fall retreat, many of the fellows may be thinking it’s Ariel, but in this moment… it’s Tarzan. I’m feeling respect for his curiosity and passion to learn about others and especially his role as a mediator of understanding between two cultures.


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