Fellow of The Week: Lauren Pamas


Lauren Pamas – Second Year Fellow serving at Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center

1. What is your favorite part about MPF monthly meetings?
I love the feeling of community. Coming together every month re-energizes me due to the great hearts and minds that make up MPF. So I would say my favorite part is hanging out and learning with my MPF people.

2. Do you have a favorite training topic that you discovered through MPF?
LEADERSHIP. I never thought of it as a topic you could study. Through MPF and all the benefits provide, like graduate level courses at Northeastern University, I have learned everyone can be a leader. Even better, MPF has empowered me to be a leader, allowing me to capitalize on my strengths and collaborate with others to GET THINGS DONE efficiently, always striving for the best quality of work.

3. How has MPF informed your future career path?
MPF has introduced me to careers that I do not have an interest in going in to (which is a plus for me, due to my explorer mindset), but also has opened my eyes to careers I did not even know existed. I know I want to keep working with community organizations and sports, but I think I want to go into Corporate and Social Responsibility and work with nonprofits from a different angle.

4.How has the fellowship pushed you past your comfort zone? (if at all)
AmeriCorps in general pushes you past your comfort zone, from the modest living stipend to serving in the different cultures that define nonprofits and governmental institutions. It is an awesome thing, though. You gain an understanding of other people’s perspectives, pushing you to take time to self-reflect and appreciate things in your life. MPF specifically, though, always brings hard, educational, discussion topics into the monthly meetings. This can be uncomfortable at times, but I think that is the best style of learning: talking about difficult topics with people you respect, hearing their perspectives, and learning how to either maturely push back or take it in and reflect–reflecting later on the topics discussed makes a good blog.

5. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

For Christmas, it’s White Elephant. I have a large family, and they like to forget the rules each year and make up new ones, always leading to a family debate.

For New Years Eve, I just adopted a new one! I ate 12 grapes, setting a goal for each month, all in one minute! It is easier to write your goals down and read them in your head while eating the grapes. You tend to focus on getting them down and not on what you want to accomplish for the coming year.


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