MPF’s Top 10 in 2014!

Happy New Year! MPF had a lot to be proud of in 2014. Here are our top 10 moments from the year…

1.We served over 100 youth at our college and career readiness events!


2.We held our largest Fellow Alumni Mentoring (FAM) program yet with 36 participants!


3.We brought 150 volunteers together to serve Lynn, Boston, and Worcester at Opportunity to Serve! 


4.We were recognized as one of 20 Innovative AmeriCorps programs in the country by America’s Service Commissions! 


5.We celebrated the accomplishments of Class 15 at Fellow Graduation!



 6. We celebrated the first annual Promise Fellow Week with our friends from the Minnesota Alliance with Youth’s Promise Fellow program!


7.We received a shout out from Senator Harris Wofford!


8.We commemorated the 25th anniversary of AmeriCorps with thousands of members and alumni from across the country!



9.We applauded MPF Alum, Roger Wong, for receiving the AmeriCorps National Leadership Award!


10.We welcomed the 40 amazing members of Class 16!




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