Fellow of The Week: Carleen Colin

Carleen serves as The Youth Development Fellow at The Brockton Mayor’s Office!
1. In what ways has serving with The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship impacted you this year?
Everyday you meet new people that will impact your life. People that may or may not have the same goals as you but were placed in your life for a specific reason. I’ve never been so comfortable with a group of people that I just met. MPF has given me 40 amazing souls, a phenomenal staff, as well as past fellows that I can connect with on very different levels from sweater lovers to poetry to singing to dancing to weird habits to discussing Marvel/DC to the latest TV shows and much, much more (trust me the list goes on for dayssss). And all the while connecting with each other we all have a similar passion and that is to help the youth that we see around us daily. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have gotten that anywhere else. In the few months that I have been a part of MPF I have been surrounded by so much support, love, and laughter. Honestly if you saw us out in the streets together people would probably think we’ve known each other for years, that’s how strong these bonds are. You never know who you can impact with just a smile and a laugh. You never know who you’ll bond with through a good crying session. You never know who has so much in common with you until you talk. You never know anything until it happens. Being a fellow has given me another family and for that I will be forever thankful.
2. How has a young person inspired you this year?

Honestly the youth I work with are inspirational to me. Just seeing the passion they have to make their city a better place gives me hope. I look at them and wish that I was as active in my community when I was in high school. One of my youth has his heart in what he does and it makes me so excited to hear his plans for after high school (winks at MPF staff lol). He gives me a smile every time he comes Into my office and it makes my heart smile each and every time.

3. What is one thing you wish more people knew about The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
I wish more people knew about MPF in general. It’s such a great opportunity for people that really have their hearts set on youth work but don’t really know what direction they want to go in. This is the perfect way to make a change while getting a taste for youth work.
4. If you could pick one song to be the theme song of your life, what would it be?
The Arthur theme song 😀
5. What is your favorite form of self care?
Food. Food. Food. Food.
I love food, so I try to take myself out to eat, but since I’m balling on a budget curling into a good book or just making time for my friends is also up there with food lol

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