December & January – A Recap!

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What have Fellows been up to the last couple of months?


The December Monthly Meeting served as a time for all Fellows and their host site Supervisors to come together for a day of training and networking. The day began with a fun opening activity from Fellow Ludia Modi (serving at The Food Project). Fellows and supervisors mingled with other Fellow-supervisor pairs throughout the day and had the chance to make new connections. Fellows then took part in a “Collaboration Cafe” Activity lead by Fellow Gina Varamo (Science Club for Girls) and her Supervisor Maura Hackett. Everyone was encouraged to split into groups to brainstorm different resources, ideas, and suggestions around several different youth work topics such as (STEAM resources, College & Career, etc). Next, Fellows and Supervisors had the chance to hear MPF updates and then have lunch. The second half of the day included an enriching presentation by Adam Reinke and Christine Roque on Delivering Effective Feedback. The group then had the chance to hear about updates on next years RFP, followed by MPF’s favorite closing tradition – Pass The Wagon. Everyone “Passed The Wagon” in small groups and reflected on what they learned during the meeting. Check out the mini paper wagons used for this meeting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.25.14 PM


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Fellows came together at Northeastern University with their youth, Northeastern Students, and other community partners. The day began with the entire group coming together to hear from our Keynote Speaker, Yves Singletary (MPF Alum!). Everyone was split into smaller groups to circulate through several different service projects and workshops. At the end of the day, a reflection activity helped everyone put the service projects into perspective and relate our work back to Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. Finally, the group came together to hear from several spoken word artists, both MPF fellows and their youth, in order to close and reflect on the power of our day of service. MPF believes that MLK Day is a day ON, not a  day off. How did you serve your community this MLK day? Check out our schedule from the day and photos of the event below!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.26.14 PM

2015 King Day of Service and Leadership Schedule

JANUARY MONTHLY MEETING. January 29th & 30th.

The January monthly meetings began with a bang! Fellow Allison Zacarias (Youth Enrichment Services), lead a warm up activity that had the entire room laughing. Then, Fellows spent some time on individual reflective writing, dedicated to their first six months of service. Fellows reflected on what they had learned and how they had grown over the first half of the year. Next, Fellows broke up into advising groups to review reflections, support each other, and have time for general questions and concerns around the service year. The group was then trained on Focus Groups, their importance, and how to go about conducting a Focus Group With Youth. MPF uses the focus group technique to collect qualitative data on the impact of our Fellows at different host sites. Cecelia Auditore (MPF Evaluation & Volunteer Manager) kept the training fun, light, and engaging. Fellows where treated to a fabulous Holiday Lunch Celebration (including a Holiday Yankee Swap). Next, Fellows where trained on Dealing with Conflict and Challenging Behaviors with Daisy Ortega from Health Resources in Action. Daisy gave Fellows the opportunity to express concerns about challenging behaviors and work through scenarios to both understand and explore solutions for some of these obstacles.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.31.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.32.31 PM

The second day of training was lead by Pete & Melissa Shungu of The SHINES Institute. The training was entitled: What’s race Got To Do With It? A Racial Justice Workshop. Fellows reviewed ground rules and group agreements in order to set a safe space and learning environment for everyone involved. Fellows had the chance to discuss Race and The Power of Illusion, followed by the different levels of racism. Fellows applied what they had learned about the different levels of racism to a clip from a documentary and a segment from an NPR recording on the different ways racism is embedded within our country. Although this can be a difficult topic to cover, Pete & Melissa eloquently kept the group connected, engaged, and safe throughout the entirety of the day. Fellows bonded over shared stories, experiences, and differences. The day wrapped up with a heart-felt round of Pass The Wagon.


Until next time!

Love in Service,



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