Fellow of The Week: Will Pickens!

will pickens

Will is a First Year Fellow serving as The Homework Club Fellow at Pernet Family Health Services in Worcester.

Who has pushed you too challenge yourself this year?

As there are too many people to name specifically, I give recognition to all my mentors and “FELLOW” peers.  Also, I would like to highlight myself as someone who always pushes me to take on new challenges and face adversity.

Favorite form of self-care?



What inspires you?

Curiosity, the simple desire to become aware of and under the world.

Mastery, the ability to obtain complete knowledge and skill.

What is your favorite memory at your host-site?

My favorite host-site memory was the whole Worcester’s “Christmas Tree Lightning” Event. I, along with 10 neighborhood teens catered hot chocolate, holiday cookies, decorative baked goods, and donuts to the community residents. As, local choir groups sang holiday carols around the city tree, a local business owner, his two Sleigh Horses, and Santa Claus carriaged carpools of kids around festive city blocks. The entire night was filled with joy and cherished by everyone as bliss.

Why did you choose to serve with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?

I decided to serve with the Mass Promise Fellowship for three reasons…

  1. A former Fellow, who had served at a host-site I worked for as a teen, was a mentor and now today is a good friend, recommended I challenge myself to become a bigger leader. He was one of my references on application when I applied to become a fellow.
  2. After researching the Mass Promise Fellowship I discovered what amazing opportunity fellows have to further their post-secondary education.
  3. The Mass Promise Fellowship partners with and supports Worcester projects and programs.

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