Fellow of The Week: Cliften Desravines

Clif is a Second Year Fellow serving as The Engaging Men & Boys Coordinator at
The Boston Public Health Commission!
1. What is the greatest lesson your host site has taught you about youth work?
One of the greatest lessons that my host site taught me about youth work was definitely how essential it is for our world to become a better place. When you think about it; youth development and youth empowerment are the two things that, if they did not exist, would cause the world to fail. If we can’t foster our future than we really don’t have anything to look forward to…Might have gone slightly meta…but it’s true.
2. If you had to choose one song as the theme song to your life – what would it be?
Well, first thing I would do is say that I actually find it quite difficult to choose just one song as a theme song because that’s really hard and theme songs get boring after a while. Then I would present a compromise of me naming a few albums that one must listen to in order have a decent insight on my life;
Tupac –  Me Against the World & All Eyez on Me
Arcade Fire – Funeral & Neon Bible
Kendrick Lamar – GKMC &To Pimp a Butterfly
Nas- Illmatic & It Was Written
David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
Kanye West – Graduation & College Dropout
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
& The Across The Universe Soundtrack
I can keep going. But I’ll stop There.
3. What is your favorite way to be creative?
Tough. I love making music, in a lot of different ways. Millions of ways for me to release any tension, good, or bad, or figure out what that tension is to begin with. Big on writing poetry and performance poetry.  Obsessed with videography and photography in general. Three things that seem so different on the outside but I’ve seen them all intertwine and act almost synonymous to each other all the time.
4. What are your next steps once you complete this service year?
Find a Job that allows me to be creative 90% of the time (I’ve really thought hard about that number)
Make music
Make films
Make art
Travel the earth
in a perfect world.
5. What has your greatest accomplishment been over your two years in the fellowship?
Kind of corny, but the fellowship is filled with so many opportunities to accomplish something, on both major and minor scales. I feel humbled and blessed to have been given the opportunity to accomplish so many things within the fellowship and my host to begin with. So I think my biggest accomplishment is an overarching achievement of me remaining in the fellowship, and continuing to grow and  be inspired by so many brilliant souls.

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