Fellow of The Week: Dalton Gorden

dalton pic

Dalton is a First Year Fellow serving as The Life After The Club Coordinator Fellow

at The Boys & Girls Club of Boston – Jordan Club

1. What is your favorite part about serving with The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?

My favorite part of serving with The Fellowship is knowing that my service is helping teens and hopefully, in some small way, making the world a better place. I love that look I see on a teen’s face when you help them understand something they didn’t know before. Whether that has to do with learning new concepts in school or finding things out about themselves, or being exposed to something they’ve never seen before.

2. What have you learned about yourself during your year of service?

I’ve learned that being on one’s own is both easier than I would have thought and more difficult than I might have imagined. But I’ve had great support from my supervisor and my fellow fellows.

3. Where are you from originally? What is the greatest difference you have encountered since living in Massachusetts? 

“Where I’m from” is easily the most complicated question on this list. I was born in Kansas City, Kansas. I went home from the Hospital to Kansas City, Missouri, from there I’ve lived in Norman Oklahoma, Fayetteville Arkansas, Las Cruces New Mexico, El Paso Texas, San Francisco (for three months), Mishima Japan (for five), then back to Texas, and finally Chelsea Massachusetts. I think the obvious difference between here and anywhere else I’ve lived would be the sheer volume of snow in the winter, but the ridiculous traffic is not to be discarded.

4. What attracted you to apply to serve with MPF?

I was fortunate enough to have many opportunities for education, cultural enrichment, and self-expression as a teenager. I felt (and still feel) that the best repayment I can offer to the teachers and volunteers who gave their time and effort to teach me is to pass on the lessons that I have learned to  other students.

5. What is your favorite MPF retreat memory?

I have many pleasant memories from our retreats! The top three that stand out at the moment are swapping stories by the fire at Fall Retreat, playing Cards Against Humanity at Winter Retreat, or trying to heat the Hot Tub at Pat’s Peak through sheer force of will (also during winter retreat.)

Do you want to be a Massachusetts Promise Fellow like Dalton? Check out our open positions here!


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