Fellow of The Week: Amanda Maddalone!

1.  Who was someone you really looked up to as a young person?
 I was lucky enough to have many great adult role models in my life (teachers, coaches, etc). But I would have to say the one person I really looked up to was my mom. I was so lucky to have such a  loving, hilarious, supportive, hard-working, and compassionate mom. She was my go-to person when I needed someone to talk to, and always had my back.
2. What is your current career goal?
I appreciate the word “current” because my current career goal might be different from the career goal I will have next week. I am honestly still trying to figure it out. I would love to be a part of a nonprofit organization that brings underserved youth outdoors to learn about the natural world and ways they can help protect it.  I have many different interests, so whatever my career ends up being,  I hope my life with be filled with adventures, new and challenging experiences….and horses and dogs 🙂
3. What do you love most about serving with MPF?
 If it wasn’t for MPF I would have probably not agreed to serve a third year in AmeriCorps. MPF provides so much member support and professional development. They truly care about every single Fellow and want to make sure we all have the most fulfilling experience possible. I have grown so much these past too years and a large part of that is due to the support and encouragement form my fellow Fellows and MPF staff. I don’t think there is any other group of people who have seen me perform in a lip-sync battle, dance around in glow sticks, do an improv skit, and walk a runway. Thank you MPF!

4. What is the greatest thing about being a Senior Fellow?

There are a lot of things I love about being a Senior Fellow. It is great having the opportunity to challenge myself in new ways, and grow professionally. My Fellow advising group is awesome and I hope I have provided them with the support and encouragement they needed this year. In my role, I have been able to connect with many MPF Alumni and see where they are now and how MPF has helped get them there. I also loved coordinating MPF’s mentoring program and matching current Fellows with Alumni to help guide them through the second half of their service year.

5. If you could be any sea creature, what would you be and why!?
 I wonder why I got this question haha! I feel like I always give a different answer every time someone asks me this. This year I have really grown to love the octopus, and if I was a sea animal I would definitely want to be an octopus. They are super smart, creative, great problem solvers, and know how to get things done (they would probably be great AmeriCorps members haha). They are masters of camouflage (seriously, it’s insane how well they can transform themselves).  And they have eight arms!!! When I asked my youth, they said I would be a dolphin. My friends said I would be an awkward sea turtle. And Buzzfeed said I would be a sea horse. I would be perfectly happy as any of those animals! 
Want to be a Fellow like Amanda? Check out Open Positions Here!

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