Fellow of The Week: Qing Wai Wong!


Qing Wai is a First Year Fellow serving at Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Community Health Improvement as The STEM Club Fellow!

1. What is your all time favorite quote?

 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy” – MLK

2. What has been your favorite memory with MPF this year?
My favorite memory with MPF by far has been the Fellow talent shows at the retreats. My Fellow Fellows never fail to impress me with the vast range of skills and goofiness.
3. Why are you serving a second year with MPF? What do you hope to gain in your second year?
I am serving my second year with MPF at the same host site, MGH’s Center for Community Health Improvement. There are many reasons I decided to serve a second year, one of which is that I feel that I can really take the programming to the next level after having one year under my belt. The great thing about MPF is that they ensure that fellows have ownership over their own projects. I am given a lot of responsibility with my project and therefore a lot of room for innovation. I also decided to stay with MPF due to the fantastic support system the fellowship offers and the great many opportunities for professional development. In my second year, I hope to continue to form long-lasting bonds at MPF and my host site and to learn more about youth development!
4. What has been your favorite training with MPF this year?
My favorite training so far has been with Epic and learning about ableism – an ism that is certainly not talked about enough. 
5. Why would you encourage others to join MPF?
MPF is a unique program in that the staff and other fellows offer a great network of support. It is great to know that outside of your host site, there are some odd 40 people who completely get and appreciate your work. MPF has expanded my horizons on youth development, different social justice topics, and so much more. I encourage anyone interested in youth development and joining a network of like-minded individuals to apply!
Do you want to be as cool as Qing Wai? Apply to MPF today! 

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