Fellow of The Week: Jacqueline Bonet!

Jacqueline Bonet

Jacqueline is a First Year Fellow

Serving at UAspire Springfield as The After-School Coordinator Fellow!

1. Why did you join MPF? 

The big 5 five promises really attracted me to this position. I saw this role as an opportunity to gain valuable experience serving the youth in my community.

2. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from serving in AmeriCorps?

I learned the impact and connectedness of our work in a bigger picture such as nationwide, i.e. AmeriCorps. How a federally funded corporation operates to help individual youth in communities all over the country.

3. What have you gained from your cohort of Fellows?

During monthly meetings and outside meeting discussions I have learned that 1) I have a great supporting system of individuals who are compassionate, intelligent and unique in their own ways and 2) Just how uniquely different we are yet we share common goals, aspirations and experiences.

4.How has the Fellowship helped inform your future career goals?

MPF has helped me tremendously with my future goals by offering guidance, support and valuable experience. For one, MPF and my host site gave me the opportunity to prove myself and gain experience working with youth while other organizations require me to have years of experience and a car. MPF staff are always looking for ways to support my future goals and constantly ask what my plans are. They have implemented workshops to help me prepare for interviews,  creating resumes and exploring working styles. I highly appreciate all of MPF’s support and know that this is not always offered by other organizations.

5. Why would you encourage others to join MPF?

Anyone who is looking to work for an amazing and supportive organization while positively impacting the lives of youth, connecting with a great network of dedicated and fun individuals and learning about themselves should strive to be a fellow.


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