Fellow of The Week: Lisa Mota!


Lisa is a Second Year Fellow serving at MathPOWER South Boston as The Peer-Tutor Mentor Fellow!

1. Who has impacted you the most this year?
I would have to say that my youth have impacted me the most this year. Being able to see them grow and become stronger leaders has showed me the impact of my service. As the year came to a close, it was evident that I made an impression on the students, especially those that I had the pleasure of working with for both my years of service.
2. What has been the most memorable part of your service over the past two years?
Aside from my youth, I would have to say that the most memorable part of my service has been the MPF Retreats. They are always so much fun and engaging allowing me to bond with so many different individuals and expand my knowledge I can only be thankful. I know that I will utilize these tools in my future career as a social worker.
3. How have you changed from the beginning of your MPF experience to now?
I believe that I have changed a lot and had the opportunity to flourish and grow over the past two years. The biggest change was my decision to enter grad school to receive my Master’s Degree in Social Work as oppose to going to Law School. MPF and my experiences have showed me that I prefer to have more long term relationships with youth to have a true impact on them. I realized that I was holding onto going to Law School because I felt that I was giving up if I didn’t go to Law School since I have been saying it since I was in high school. However, my experiences with youth only reiterated the passion and joy I have when working long term and building strong relationships.
4. What are your next steps, post Fellowship?
 Post Fellowship, I will be starting grad school at Simmons College to receive my Master’s Degree in Social Work along with an In-School Licensure. Ideally, I want to work in a Boston Public High School down the road.
5. Why would you encourage others to join MPF?
There are so many reasons I would give to encourage others to join MPF – some of the highlights would include: working with an amazing group of peers that have the similar intentions, gaining valuable professional development, building relationships with many youth, and walking away with experience and numerous networking opportunities.

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