Interested in knowing what Fellows have been up to? Check out some highlights from our two-day August Monthly Meeting! Fellows continued building community through various Fellow-led activities, engaged in Youth Development 101 with Daisy Ortega from Health Resources in Action and learned more about MPF Evaluation Expectations.


Thursday, August 27th

On the first day, Senior Fellow, Eziah Blake led a powerful activity called, My Most Important Word, where Fellows had the opportunity to share one word they found most valuable to them. This allowed Fellows to hear a small piece of everyone’s story and gain a better understanding of who they are serving with this year.

My Most Imp. Word

After that activity, Daisy Ortega from Health Resources in Action, led an engaging all-day training on Youth Development 101. Fellows had a chance to discuss ways to combat the reality of Adultism in society today and talked about best practices to support youth in their Areas of Ability and Identity. (Thank you for such a great training Daisy!!)

Positive Youth Outcomes

Friday, August 28th

Day two, focused on MPF Evaluation Expectations and Monthly Reporting! Fellows learned the importance of Pre and Post Surveys, Monthly Reports, Timesheet Best Practices, and steps to creating the perfect Service Plan to ensure a smooth service year for all.

MPF Eval.

Many Fellows expressed that the most thought provoking activity this month was the Asset Mapping Workshop led by First Year Fellow, Elie Simmons. It highlighted the impact of systematic oppression, classism, privilege, and racism, which proved to be a topic of important discussion among Fellows. Everyone was divided randomly into four “communities”: Coffee, Caramel, Vanilla and Chocolate and the objective was to build the best community with only the supplies given to each group. Fellows quickly realized that there was lack of equality and fairness among each “community” based off of how “authority figures” treated them and what kind of supplies were given to every group. This activity allowed Fellows the chance to reflect in a safe space about real issues society and youth, face today.

Lastly, Fellows learned about ways they can get involved at Northeastern University and Carpool Best Practices when traveling to monthly meetings and retreats.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on our meeting!

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Love in Service,

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

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