Simone Lawrence is a First Year Fellow serving at uAspire as the Program Coordinator

1. What do you hope to gain from doing a year of service with MPF?

There’s so much that I hope to gain from MPF! So far, I am incredibly grateful for the community I’ve established with the other Fellows. I look forward to networking with our extended family of MPF Alum and continuing to gain insight on nonprofit work.

2.Where or who do you get your inspiration from?

My mother is a major inspiration to me. Growing up, I was fortunate to watch her go back to college and acquire her BA from Smith. Her academic pursuits altered my life forever and motivated me to work hard at whatever I do.

3. What project at your host site are you most looking forward to and why?

The project that I am most looking forward to is uClub!! uClub is uAspire’s first college and career readiness program designed for high school seniors in Springfield Public Schools. As a Springfield resident, it feels great to have the opportunity to give back to my community. I’m excited to launch uClub at Commerce High School, S/O to the ’16 Raiders!!

4. What is the greatest life lesson you’ve learned so far that you would want to share with others?

The greatest life lesson I’ve learned so far: If there is someone in your life from an older generation sit down and listen to their stories. Time spent with these individuals is precious. I am thankful for my grandparents, great aunts, and uncles for trusting me with their stories and for my aunt Nancy for stressing the importance of these exchanges.

5. What activities make you lose track of time?

One of my favorite activities is listening to music. Whether I’m at home jamming with my sister, out dancing, or chillaxin’ with head phones, I’m in my happy place. I can spend hours finding/listening to new music.

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