8155a090-ca2f-4830-8140-9d8a7abfd8b8William Ruhm is a First Year Fellow serving at East End House as the Middle and High School Fellow

1. What is your favorite part about serving with The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?

My favorite part about serving with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship is having the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with like-minded people!

2. Share a story of how your service made an impact at your host site, so far this year.

This year I am leading what I am calling a Hip Hop Curriculum. The curriculum is extremely student-driven, focusing in on student thoughts and experiences (I speak little, and mostly speak to ask guiding questions to help and to challenge students to think through and articulate their thoughts). I think this curriculum has really opened other staff members at my site to the potential that lies in culturally relevant, student driven curriculum. I have noticed a number of staff members using some of my techniques : )

3. What MPF training(s) have you found most helpful in your work with youth?

I found the MPF training on creating effective lessons extremely valuable, because this training pushed me to think through how youth will likely react to my lessons, and what I need to do to support them and keep them focused as they do…In short, I think this training has led me to plan my lessons meticulously!

4. How do you practice self-care?

I practice self-care by going through a 15 minute Buddhist meditation ritual every morning (…ok most mornings).

5. When you were younger, was there a youth worker that made a difference in your life?

When I was younger my swim coach played a youth worker-like role. She encouraged me to set high expectations, kept me positive, and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable socially (being social came tough to me at the time).

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