Giving the Gift of A Caring Adult

Dontae McKeiver is Giving the Gift of a Caring Adult

“During my service as a Massachusetts Promise Fellow I had the opportunity to grow in more ways than one.  The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship not only provides a service for community organizations and at risk youth, it provides an invaluable service for stellar change agents who want to see a positive shift in balance in our communities. I have gained a wealth of knowledge, lifelong relationships, career opportunities and social capital within my two years of service.   I also gained the importance of what it means to be a caring adult to youth.


I believe that every young person that I have worked with has potential to accomplish any goal they set out to reach. By trusting young people’s minds and backing them in whatever capacity that is needed, I have built relationships that will last a life time with the youth that I have served. A caring adult understands how amazing our youth are.”

–Donate McKeiver, MPF Alumni

Dontae McKeiver served in the Fellowship for two years at the Regional Environmental Council in Worcester. He currently works as an Education Advisor at North High School in Worcester with the Massachusetts Education & Career Opportunities. Dontae is continuing to educate, mentor and empower youth as he did as a Fellow. Dontae continues to Give the Gift of a Caring Adult.


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