Giving The Gift of a Safe Place

Stephenie Hou is Giving the Gift of a Safe Place.

“When I was a youth, I was mentored by Fellows at Greater Fall River Re-Creation and because of the safe place they provided in and out of Team F.R.E.S.H (Fall River Extends Supportive Hands) meetings, Re-Creation quickly became my home away from home. I loved going there after school because I always felt welcomed, valued, and supported.


As a Fellow today, I work to provide a safe place every week for my youth at our Kidz Konnect meetings by incorporating activities that help people feel included and respected. I believe for a young person to have a safe place in their community where they feel like they belong and that their voice matters, is incredibly empowering and I am thankful I can be a small part in creating that space for others.”


-Stephenie Hou, MPF Fellow 2014-2016

Stephenie Hou is serving youth as a second year Massachusetts Promise Fellow at the Old Colony YMCA Big Sister Big Brother Program in Brockton. Through her continued commitment to creating a safe place for youth to feel empowered and important, as she had as a young person. Stephenie is Giving the Gift of a Safe Place.


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