Giving the Gift of Opportunities to Help Others


Beth and Sarah Sunu (Gillig) are Giving the Gift of Opportunities to Help Others

“When my sister first told me about the amazing experiences she was having as an MPF Fellow, helping youth to generate the social momentum needed to create change in their schools, community, nation, and world, I thought it sounded like a great program. As I watched her year of service unfold, I realized that I wanted to have that opportunity as well, and help youth to become engaged, socially responsible citizens. This year, I’ve already grown and learned so much from the other Fellows and the youth that I’m serving, and I’m thrilled to be part of the program. Everyone should have the opportunity to empower youth to engage in and improve their communities, and MPF does an outstanding job of providing the skills, knowledge, and support to make that happen.”


– Beth Gillig, MPF Fellow 2015-2016

Beth and Sarah Sunu (Gillig) are the first pair of siblings to both serve with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship in its 17 years. Sarah served with Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center in Class 12 and Beth currently serves at the Stoughton Youth Commission. Not only as siblings has the opportunity been passed on from sister to sister, but both have been able to provide service opportunities to youth. Sarah and Beth Give the Gift of Opportunities to Help Others.


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