Abbie Weaber is serving her second year at Girls Incorporated of Lynn as the College Mentoring Fellow and the Alumni Liaison Senior Fellow

1.How have you grown both professionally and personally since your first year of service at Girls Inc. of Lynn? 

I have grown exponentially since the beginning of my first year of service, most significantly when it comes to confidence. Last year, I knew limited information about the college process and assisting students who were navigating this process, and now I have learned so much and feel confident supporting students who are applying to college. The beginning of last year I doubted my qualifications in this role and as someone with less life experience than many of my volunteers, but I have grown so much in having faith in my abilities, as well as understanding areas where I needed to improve. Personally, MPF trainings have helped me grow so much when it comes to having the language and tools needed to discuss social justice from a framework of empathy, which I am incredibly thankful for. And of course I have become more aware of self-care practice and filling my well in order to truly lead a balanced life.

2. What has been your favorite memory so far in the Fellowship (either at your host site or during MPF meetings, etc.)?

It is difficult to pinpoint a favorite moment for me, as it has been more so the little daily wins for my students that have been my favorite. However, one of my favorite memories was when one of my girls, a few weeks ago, told me she was chosen as a Posse scholar. This was exciting for obvious reasons, but also because I had seen her work so incredibly hard in the weeks leading up to this. She would come into my office about three times a week to work on completing tasks or preparing for the next steps, and I became very invested in her process alongside her. She found out the news less than an hour after her interview and I felt honored that I was one of the first people she told. Seeing her get recognized for her hard work in such a way was a moment I will never forget.


 3. What is the greatest thing about being a Senior Fellow?

I would say the greatest part about being a Senior Fellow is being part of a smaller support network in which you are encouraging of each other’s growth, goals, and well-being. Additionally, I have always loved building community and it is exciting to have a role in intentionally doing so within Mass Promise, both as an adviser and through my Senior Fellow project.

4. What is the best part about working with young people?

The best part for me is connecting with so many different personalities. They are all so different in so many ways and it’s amazing how the smallest thing can form the strongest bond between us. They are hilarious all the time and can hold deep conversation when needed. They keep me on my toes and they are part of the reason I smile at life so much.

5. Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans, in a single sentence.

In the next five years I would like to continue to work in non-profits with young women in some capacity, pursue my Masters in Social Work, and continue to live a rewarding life full of adventure.

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