Curious to know what Fellows have been up to these past couple of months?! Here are some highlights from our November and December Monthly meeting!

Thursday, November 19th

On the first day, Fellows had the honor of discussing racial justice with Pete and Melissa Shungu from The SHINES Institute. The training touched on Race: The Power of Illusion; the four individual levels of oppression (Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal and Internalized); and Redlining and the GI Bill. Because of the safe space both Pete and Melissa created to talk about these sensitive topics, Fellows felt comfortable enough to share personal stories and experiences with one another through both large and small group discussions.  After deepening their understanding of race and its implications, Fellows were provided with different ways to apply what they learned to their life and year of service.

Friday, November 20th

On day two, Fellows were quickly energized with a skill share from Promise Fellow, Erin Ginnaty-Moore. After, the group was introduced to a panel of MPF Alumni and community partners who shared their knowledge and best practices for Youth Recruitment and Retention (Thank you Joel, Amanda, Minh, and Carro for taking the time to speak with us!!!). They discussed ways to recruit and retain youth, strategies for outreach, and how to engage and inform parents about their programs. Fellows had opportunities to ask questions and learn from their expertise.

After lunch, Fellows were introduced to Becky Jones from The New American Center who provided an engaging new training titled, Serving Immigrant & Refugee Youth Populations. During this training, Fellows discussed groups that fall under the umbrella of refugees, how refugees resettle in the United State, heard real personal stories from the immigrant youth Becky knew and gained a better understanding of the challenges immigrant youth and families face every day. Most importantly, Fellows were provided with strategies on how to work with Refugee Youth and ways to make their programs more safe and welcoming for all.

Thursday, December 17th

The day started with a Trauma Informed Workshop with Stephanie and Patrick from Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC). Fellows were educated on the different levels of trauma such as acute, chronic, traumatic stress, and vicarious trauma. Fellows were also able to touch upon different feelings youth may experience when there is a history of trauma and how to best support them during that process. These feelings may include physical behaviors, social/spiritual behaviors, thoughts youth have, and ways of coping after/during trauma.

At lunch, we switched gears and celebrated the holidays with our MPF Winter Celebration and Annual Yankee Swap. Fellows were encouraged to bring a small gift to exchange if they wanted to participate and those who did left the meeting with a little extra holiday cheer.

To wrap up the day, MPF Updates were discussed, Fellows split into their Senior Fellow-led Advising Groups and ended with the Pass the Wagon ceremony.

As always – thanks for reading our updates and don’t forget to check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for live posts during our Monthly Meetings and events!!


Love in Service,

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship


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