Thursday, January 28th

On the first day of the January monthly meeting, both Fellows and Supervisors were invited to Northeastern University for a day of networking and collaboration.  Carly and Cameron from HRiA led a fun and energetic stretch to start off the day. Fellows and Supervisors then had the honor of hearing Dr. Kristen Costa speak about her inspiring book, RESET: Make the Most of Your Stress. She shared personal stories that helped de-stigmatize therapy and also reassured everyone that stress can be a motivating force, driving us to take action, especially when it comes to self-care. RESET (Realize, Energize, Soothe, End Unproductive Thinking, Talk it Out) is based on the idea that our bodies and minds benefit from consistently engaging in productive thinking, exercise, enjoyable activities and positive connections. After lunch we had a Collaboration Café where Fellows and Supervisors shared their best practices involving Recruitment, Retention and much more. Fellows and Supervisors then split up into Working Groups where Fellows had a Focus Group Training and Supervisors focused on MPF Updates.


Friday, January 29th

On the second day, Fellows welcomed back Pete and Melissa Shungu from The SHINES Institute for another eye opening all day training, this time on Classism. The working definition for Class is a social rank based on an individual’s access to wealth, income, education and residence. Fellows got a chance to create Class River Stories and share their personal experiences in small groups. Later in the day, Fellows were given scenarios related to Classism and created skits to address the conflicts. Fellows also reviewed the four aspects of oppression: Idealogical, Interpersonal, Institutional, and Internalized before diving into solutions in their scenarios. Pete and Melissa concluded the training with an Open-Mic where Fellows were invited to share their ideas on Classism through spoken-word and poetry.


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Love in Service,

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship


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