Jamelia Willock is a First Year Fellow serving at Boston Public Health Commission as the Start Strong Fellow

1. What is your favorite part about serving in MPF (either during monthly meetings or at your host site)?

My favorite part about serving in MPF is the unique experience of it all. Being a part of MPF allows me the opportunity to serve in one program while developing a relationship with two families (Host Site and MPF Fellows). The bond between the Fellows, who are all so uniquely different, is held together by a passion for the work that we all do. We have different sites with different areas of interest and this allows us to work together as well as learn from one another. Not to mention the tons of benefits that come along with our service! I have so much fun learning and developing myself – my true self, with my fellow Fellows whether that be at meetings, retreats or outside of work. MPF is truly one of a kind for the relationships that it fosters both intentionally and organically.

2. What is your dream job and how is MPF contributing to your future career aspirations?

Well I’m a bit of a dreamer BUT my dream job is to have my own practice after pursuing a higher level degree in counseling. My dream job would involve a lot of traveling as well as raising awareness and tackling mental health issues in Caribbean countries. I also want to open up a bakery.
MPF is contributing to my future aspirations by providing me with so much meaningful and useful experience. I have always wanted to work with youth and serving in MPF is giving me experience working with the population that I would like to work with.
3. How have you seen yourself grow so far, either personally or professionally since the start of your service year? 

I have noticed a lot of both personal and professional growth since the start of my service year. Personally with my connections and professionally networking with others. At the crossroads of that, is the emphasis on self-care. When your line of work involves the service of others,  you can pour your all into it, leaving you drained at times and when that happens you need to replenish yourself. It’s more that just saying it or thinking it or putting it off until later, its actually taking it upon yourself to say- I need to care for myself in order to be able to care for other people to the best of my ability.

4. Describe the most meaningful service project you’ve ever participated in and what made it so impactful.

The most meaningful service project that I have ever participated in would be MLK Day at Northeastern University. Peer leaders from my program and I facilitated a workshop at NEU for the Day of Service. The main point of  MLK Day, mentioned as “a day on, not a day off ” is to focus on being of service that day in ways that would honor the legacy and wishes of Martin Luther King. This day was even more impactful because it allowed for discussions with friends when they asked about why I had to “work” on MLK Day,  a holiday. I was then given the opportunity to further explain that I’m not working but doing a year of service and that participating in MLK Day is an an all encompassing example of the work that we do year round.

5. If you could have dinner with any three famous people, who would they be and why?

Erykah Badu
Lauryn Hill

The dinner conversation would just be EPIC.


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