Qing Wai is serving her second year at Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Community Health Improvement as the STEM Club Fellow and College & Career Access Senior Fellow 

1. What is the best part about being a Senior Fellow?

The best part about being a Senior Fellow is being part of a support system for first year Fellows. All the Fellows do such great and challenging work to serve young people across Massachusetts. In order to continue to provide the best programming for young people, MPF offers an extensive support system through other Fellows, the staff, and the Senior Fellows. Personally, my Senior Fellow offered me so much great advice and positive support my first year which made a large impact on my service year. So the best part for me of being a Senior Fellow is offering others the same support that helped me through my first year. Not to mention, I get the privilege of working closely with the phenomenal MPF Staff – Colleen, Cecelia, and Lauren, all of whom are great models in the non-profit sector.

2. How have you seen yourself grown both personally and professionally since your first year of service?

MPF has helped me grow in so many different ways; I don’t even know where to begin! The service years with MPF has opened my eyes to the many different obstacles that the young people in our communites experience. It is so refreshing to have a group of people who have similar concerns and so actively engage in difficult conversations about the problems challenging our communities. MPF continues to foster my curiosity and desire to make a lasting impact.

3. What projects have you been working on at your host site that get you excited to serve everyday? 
This year I was able to work on the MGH-Timilty Science Fair Mentoring Program which has been one of my favorite projects so far. It was great to get to see the students explore their interest in science with their mentors and really own their science fair projects. It is our hope at the end of our program that students have confidence in their own abilities not only in science but other subjects at school. And even better, seeing students connect with their mentors on a level beyond just working on their science fair projects has been amazing.
4.What is your dream job and how is MPF helping you towards your goal?
My dream is job is to work for a public health organization to help create programs that will give the larger community equitable access to resources and education that hopefully will contribute to alleviating some of the disparities that we face as a community. Serving with MPF at the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement has made me constantly aware of obstacles that many in our communities face. It has made me even more determined to help remove some of those obstacles.

5.What has been your favorite memory so far while serving in MPF (host site or MPF events)? 

My favorite memories have been the Fellow bonding that occurs during the coveted retreats! I love the talent shows and when other Fellows share their skills with the rest of the Fellowship.


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