Sewicka is a First Year Fellow serving at MathPOWER-Timilty as the Site Director for the Math*STARS Afterschool Program

1 . Why should someone become a Massachusetts Promise Fellow?

Being a Fellow is a hard and humbling experience. I became a Fellow because I have always worked with youth and my peers through programs like MPF where other individuals took the time to help inspire, encourage, and support my dreams. Why should someone become a Massachusetts Promise Fellow? Well, a Fellow is a regular person that lives their everyday lives doing what they can on their part to make a better future for not only themselves but also for others. As a Massachusetts Promise Fellow, you help find what the youth are missing, are needing, and understanding you are the person in that moment who can support them through it. This does not mean you have all the answers and solutions because we know there are just some things we have no control over. A Fellow is there to help their youth/organization by seeing what is needed and what they can do to help. Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking a group of students on a college tour, opening their eyes to different possibilities. Then, there are times where it’s as hard as telling an in need/at risk youth they can’t come back because they repeatedly have  inappropriate behavior after a series of talks and calls to their home. Everyday is different and you won’t always have the answer, but because of this Fellowship you’ll have people to help support you so you can do your best to support your youth.

2. Describe your favorite project at your host site and why it’s your favorite.

I serve at MathPOWER, which is an afterschool and summer program. I am a Site Director at the James P. Timilty middle school running an after school program, tutoring and mentoring 6th through 8th graders in Math. Since January, I’ve teamed up with Mrs. Balgobin a teacher there to host MathSTARS at lunch, where students can come in with there lunch and get a deeper understanding of the material from their class and help study for test and exams. This is my favorite project because I can connect with all different types of students through math and lunch. During this lunch time, it is a more relaxed environment where the students and I can do work while having conversations about their lives, future, dreams and it’s also an opportunity for me to be a caring adult.

3. What was the most meaningful training you’ve had so far this year (either at your host site or MPF monthly meeting) and what made it so meaningful?
The Curriculum Writing and Dealing with Trauma trainings were the most meaningful topics I’ve learned about this year. Those trainings were meaningful to me because they were necessary skills I needed and helped me better serve my youth.
4. Name 5 words that best describe your experience in MPF this year.
Humbling, Transformative, Supportive, Fulfilling, and Educational.

5. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

I would be a chef with about 10 exclusive high end restaurants that have fine dinning and serve $1000 dishes to the wealthiest people around the world, and from that profit go into the poorest cities and countries and open a free diner for the less fortunate and homeless.

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