Carla Silva is a First Year Fellow serving at Cape Verdean Association of Brockton as the Tutoring Coordinator


1. What inspired you to become a Massachusetts Promise Fellow?

Being a Fellow with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship  is a wonderful thing because we get to see young leaders rise. I enjoy the satisfaction that I get from helping people, and being a Fellow has allowed me to make a difference in someone’s life.

2. Describe your favorite project at your host site this year and why.

I have really enjoyed having free time with my youth and getting to know them. I have provided tutoring for the most part to my kids. I have being able to provided them with trainings on Bullying, Healthy Relationships, Ableism, College Readiness, College life/Life skill, How to Manage Finances, etc.

3. How has being a Fellow contributed to your future career aspirations?
Fellows can be there to provide a sense of hope for youth and their families when they are struggling. I want people to respect and look up to me when something is wrong and being a Fellow has allowed me to do just that.
4. Which training, provided by either your host site or MPF, proved to be most helpful when working with your youth this year?
MPF had provided me with a lot of trainings and the one I most enjoyed was the training on Ableism from EPIC Leaders. It was so deep. I wanted to provided my kids the same training because of how much it touched me. I was able to bring in Brockton Art to talk to my kids about it. Abelism is a very important topic because kids with disabilities are often overlooked. I am still working to better my program and have a lot  of exciting trainings to provide for my youth.

5. What social justice topic are you most passionate about and why?

Many of the youth that I work with are Cape Verdean and have immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde. I am passionate about providing my youth with the resources and skills necessary to get into college, while also working on their language barriers so that they are prepared for success after they graduate high school.


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