Friday, April 22nd

As Fellows arrived to Northeastern University, there was a common feeling of excitement for the trainings that day and to simply be among fellow Fellows since it’s been discussed that these meetings tend to happen at the perfect time every month. After breakfast, First Year Fellow, Cameron Fear, led a Gender Identity Workshop that focused on masculinity vs. femininity, gender fluidity, key definitions of the Transgender community, barriers Trans-youth face every day, Cis-privilege, and strategies on how to practice this information with Fellows’ host sites and youth. The training started with an activity where Fellows had to guess which celebrity among the pictures shown, were Cisgender (an individual who’s gender identity has been consistent all their lives and matches what is expected of them in their culture based on their sex assigned at birth) or Transgender (more often refers specifically to trans people who have an experience of transitioning [socially, legally and/or medically] from living as one gender to living as another gender). A lesson learned from that activity was to never make assumptions about a person based off of their appearance and one best practice in youth serving organizations to make spaces more inclusive and safe, is to ask and incorporate, “preferred gender pronouns” in everyday conversations.

After the Gender Identity Workshop, MPF Staff went over program updates, Fellows had lunch and then split into their Advising Groups. Fellows who wore their favorite college apparel in honor of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative and College Signing Day, took a picture to encourage high school youth to graduate and go to college. Advising Groups then participated in a Recruitment Challenge Mini-Game where they were given different celebrities and had to act out the best way to recruit them to be a MA Promise Fellow.

To end the day, Lauren Currie and Tim Krumreig, MACC AmeriCorps *VISTA Leader, led a workshop on, Finding Your Fit, post AmeriCorps. Fellows were able to reflect on the causes they are passionate about, aspects of organizational culture they value most, and identify their top competencies and strengths. To wrap up the training, Fellows practiced their 30 second job elevator pitch highlighting their top causes, culture and core competencies.

Fellows have been hard at work recruiting for a strong group of leaders in Class 18 but we still need your help! If you know someone who wants to learn more about our program and is interested in applying to be a Massachusetts Promise Fellow, check out our website at: www.masspromisefellows.org, connect with a current or former Fellow to hear their personal stories of service , or follow any of our social media sites (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) for more information!  

 Love in Service,

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship


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