Elie Simmons is a First Year Fellow serving at The Food Project as the Root Crew Supervisor

1. What inspired you to be a Promise Fellow?

What inspired me to be a Promise Fellow was my love and connection to my current host-site and it’s mission. I wanted to be a role model to the current youth within the program and serve in it’s familiar and missed environment of safe space.

2. What has been your favorite memory in MPF this year (host site, monthly meeting, etc.)?

My most favorite memory of this MPF year was undoubtedly the Winter retreat. Growing closer to fellow Fellows, enjoying the fresh air and being woken up by the beautiful songs of birds.

3. Looking back on this year of service, how have you grown both personally and professionally?

I have been inspired by my youth in so many ways. They have broadened my already open mind and keep me on my feet, so now I have more patience when dealing with people and difficult situations. Also my current role as Root Crew Supervisor has been molding me into a better organized individual.
4. What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?
I am most passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ* and Food Justice issues. Being a Black Gay man from the inner city of Boston, I have personally been mistreated by police, and have been harassed or ostracized for my sexuality so I am not a big fan oppression. I’ve learned that many of these issues intersect and/or effect one another and being on the target end of multiple oppressive spectrums has given me a different perspective on said issues. A perspective that I wish to convey and advocate.
5. What do you do to practice self-care?
For self care I love to take baths, meditate, light candles, burn sage, visit family, clean my room and re-twist my locks.

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