Annemarie Holly

Annemarie Holly is a MPF Alumna who served in Class XI & Class XII at Greater Fall River RE-CREATION  in Fall River, MA. She is currently the Youth Leadership Specialist at RE-CREATION.

1. What motivated you to serve?

I was motivated to serve by the mission statement of both Greater Fall River RE-CREATION as well as the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship. It intrigued me to be able to help people while having true ownership over the programming that I was creating and implementing.

2. Where are you now and how has the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship prepared you for your current role?

I still work at my host site! I am currently the Youth Leadership Specialist at RE-CREATION and am able to teach Social Emotional Learning to many young people in Fall River. MPF helped prepare me through the hours of professional development and training opportunities that taught me many of the skills I have now. I am still taking advantage of training and networking opportunities that are shared in the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Alumni Network as well as other host sites where my fellow Fellows served.

3. Looking back, what was your favorite memory in the Fellowship and why was it so meaningful to you?

I was able to serve for two years and I truly enjoyed all of the retreats that we went on with all of the Fellows. It was amazing to have 2-3 days of learning, reflecting, and making memories with everyone and we always left feeling rejuvenated and ready to better serve our young people. Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the time that we brought a bullhorn on retreat and I was able to wake everyone up for breakfast—though, I’m not sure if the other Fellows appreciated that as much as the Senior Fellows did!
4. What was your biggest accomplishment while serving in the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
 I was able to experience the true spirit of information sharing, networking, and collaboration while in the Fellowship. The shared goal of creating better opportunities for young people in Massachusetts truly motivated me to continue the work throughout adulthood.
5. What are your top 3 pieces of advice to current or future Promise Fellows in regards to their service today or post-MPF?
1. Take advantage of all of the privileges that come along with being a Fellow (monthly meetings, trainings, leadership opportunities).
2. Build relationships with your fellow Fellows, because at the end of the day they are the only ones who truly understand the hard work and dedication it takes to do a year of service.
3. HAVE FUN! You will learn and give a lot to your young people throughout this year…make sure to have fun, laugh, and celebrate everything you do-no matter how big or small!

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