Nick Demos AOTW

Nick Demos is a MPF Alumnus who served in Class VIII at America SCORES New England (now Boston). He is currently working with CCV STARS. 

1. What MPF class(es) did you serve in and where was your host site?

I was a Fellow in 2006-2007 with America SCORES New England (now Boston). We used soccer as the draw to get time with the kids in the classroom to work on their creative writing, poetry, and literacy. Following my year of service I stayed on with SCORES in a full-time role as Athletic Director.

2. What inspired you to do a year of service?

I was moving to Boston and was passionate about finding an opportunity to work with kids and ideally through athletics. I had just finished my undergrad to be a teacher and Athletic Director. SCORES was a great fit and as I learned more about their partnership with MPF, I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of another community in the area where I could learn from others. Being able to attend grad school at Northeastern was another bonus and I was able to complete my Masters in Sports Leadership thanks to MPF.

3. What is your job today and how has MPF prepared you for it?

I have spent the last 8 years with CCV STARS, a non-profit youth sports group that is run out of a large church in the Phoenix area, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV). I directly run our soccer program but also oversee some of our football and basketball programs as well. We will have over 10,000 youth participants in 2016! SCORES gave me the opportunity to gain experience in recruiting, retaining and training volunteers which is a huge part of what I do now. I also had the chance to manage programs at multiple schools which prepared me as well. The MPF group gave me invaluable training on leadership and also the chance to learn from so many different peers.
4. What was your favorite memory in the Fellowship and why was it so meaningful to you?
My class’s dynamic was unique as I was the only guy in the whole group! My favorite memories were probably our various retreats. Whether it was high ropes adventures, Mafia, karaoke, or the Fellow Olympics, our class was always able to find a good time.
5. Describe your greatest adventure so far.
My time in Boston was really a tremendous adventure. My girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I were in Boston for two and a half years and were so grateful for our time and experience there. We got married in Boston on our final weekend there and moved back to Phoenix where we started new jobs and have since had two great kids. We will always look back fondly on our time in Boston and are grateful for the experience and opportunity.
6. Since Fellows will be graduating soon, what is one thing you wish you had known post-MPF, that Fellows can benefit from?
To appreciate and value the diversity of people, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. Aside from being the only guy in my class, I also traveled from 2,700 miles away and was raised in a much more conservative environment than most of the people in my class. The differences and diversity helped me grow and open my eyes to cultures I wasn’t as familiar with. The opportunity to learn from others was tremendous.

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