Cecelia Auditore

Cecelia Auditore is a MPF Alumna who served in Classes X & XI. Her first year was at Mass Mentoring Partnership and her second year was at Silver Lining Mentoring, formerly known as Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring. She is currently working as the Evaluation and Volunteer Manager with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship.

1. What inspired you to do two years of service?

Well, even as a young person, I was always passionate about issues impacting low-income communities, both on a local and global scale. In college, I further developed my voice and understanding of the social justice issues I cared deeply about, particularly education. At that time, I was torn between a purely academic route to change or serving youth to understand the real issues. I found MPF on the Emmanuel College career services website and never looked back.

2. What has been the most rewarding part of transitioning from being a Fellow to becoming one of the MPF Staff members?

Definitely the relationships. I think what brought me to MPF, as their Evaluation Manager, was the desire to make our program statistically strong and secure for future funding cycles. Yet, what inspires me and keeps me wanting more are these amazing Fellows I get to learn and grow with each year. I really do have the coolest job.

3.  Describe your favorite memory (memories) in the Fellowship and why it was so meaningful to you.

It’s not really one memory, but serving as a Senior Fellow with four other incredible women was something I still cherish to this day. Though our lives have taken us down different paths or directions, I learned so much from their strength, resilience, and ability to foster meaningful change. I’m still so fortunate to have their support and guidance.
4. What was your proudest accomplishment during your years of service?
I piloted a youth leadership/life-skills program for youth in foster care during my second year of service and no matter what I did, it never felt like enough (and it wasn’t). I’m so proud of what Silver Lining Mentoring has been able to do with this idea years later (check it out!) and being even a small part of that is really rewarding.
5. If you can share any words of wisdom to current Promise Fellows in regards to their year of service today or post-MPF, what would you say? 

Do your time sheets (haha jk!) My advice for current Fellows would be to not shy away from the hard conversations. Also, take the learning and network you received at MPF and be an active agent for change. Lastly, our doors are always open, so never hesitate to come back and visit us!


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