Friday, May 27th

May’s Monthly Meeting wrapped up the Life After AmeriCorps series where Colleen shared a valuable training on Winning at the Interview. Fellows were given tips on how to prepare for an interview, practice mock interviews in small groups, gained perspectives from professionals in different fields and most importantly, learned the value of sending personal, “Thank You” cards to make a favorable impression.


Advising Time was during lunch where Senior Fellows led conversations regarding the end of the year and what supports their advisees would need in order to end their year strong. After, Cecelia and Qing Wai led a workshop titled, Supporting Your Youth as You Move-On. This workshop focused on how to say good-bye on a positive note while also maintaining meaningful relationships Fellows’ have built with their youth, community partners, co-workers, and host sites. Cecelia and Qing Wai went over boundaries, why it’s important for youth to understand positive closure and how that would look like at their host sites. Fellows also took part in a powerful affirmations activity that could be implemented with their youth to celebrate accomplishments from the year. The meeting concluded with the Pass the Wagon Ceremony and Fellows were off for their long weekend!


Friday ,June 24th-

Our final Monthly Meeting started out with prepping for #PromiseFellow Week! Fellows came to the meeting ready to rock their gear and new MPF sunglasses! Colleen went over the details for #PromiseFellow Week and gave a shout out to Carleen Colin and Ashley Harton-Powell because they were going to tweet on Tuesday, June 28th for, “A Day in the Life of a #PromiseFellow” with two other Fellows in Minnesota. If you still haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on the amazing work Carleen and Ashley are doing or missed out on #PromiseFellow Week, check out this link for recaps: Next on the agenda was a workshop on helping Fellows transition successfully out of their year of service. This workshop covered maintaining positive relationships with supervisors, co-workers, community partners, youth and their fellow Fellows; end of the year logistics; how to access their Education Award; and how to be a Rockstar MPF Alum! Fellows then got an opportunity to hear from an incredible Alumni Panel on their experiences, post-MPF and receive some helpful tips on how they handled the transition (Thank you Jeff Foulkes, Katy Allen, Trisha Mah, Caitlin D’Agata and Cassandra Tavares for your inspiring words of wisdom)!

Congratulations to Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory’s Advising Group for winning the MPF Recruitment Challenge and completing the most recruitment tasks as a team (We hope you all enjoyed your special lunch at Panera!)!! After lunch, Jeremy facilitated a Legacy Celebration where he displayed some great Legacy Projects that Fellows made as a reflection of their year. The meeting closed with a final meeting in Advising Groups and the Pass the Wagon Ceremony. We are all excited to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments at The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Graduation on July 22, 2016!! Thank you for taking the time to read our updates and make sure to follow us on (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram)!


Love in Service,

The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship


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