Fellow of the Week: Ashley Harton-Powell

Host Site 
Freedom House in Dorchester (Grove Hall)
What inspires you to serve? 
I am inspired by the youth I serve everyday, who are driven to make their lives (and their family’s lives) better. They The motto for Freedom House is “Inspire, Graduate, Give Back”, which is something I want to instill in my youth. I want them to be inspired by the supportive people they have in their lives and be motivated to do better, then for them to graduate from high school and later on from college. Lastly, I want them to do like what I did: give back to their community in a way that will help other youth strive and be better individuals.
What is your favorite part about serving at your host site?
My favorite part is our meetings and times of fellowship. At Freedom House we are always celebrating something, so people are always bringing special dishes and treats, and sometimes even gifts for everyone. Since our staff is so diverse it is not rare to find different things at different events, and have a chance to educate yourself on a new culture.
What has been your biggest personal or professional accomplishment so far this year?
Finding ways to support some of my students who are looking to graduate this month and in December from high school.
What is your dream job? 
There are a few things I am interested in, however working with youth transitioning from lock-up into the general population is a group that I would like to support. Helping them locate resources to keep them out of trouble, teaching them good work ethics, providing housing for those who may be homeless, etc.
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
Seeing that I am still young, I am waiting for that moment. And I hope that it will have something to do with traveling and bringing my work around the country, inspiring other young people.
Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?
You will most likely find me listening to music on the beach or walking/driving around Boston. I love cooking and spending time with a good book, movie, or great people.

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