Fellow of the Week – Julio Gomes

Julio is serving his first year at Cape Verdean Association of Brockton
What inspires you to serve?
 “What inspires me to serve is the impact I know a caring adult can make in a youth’s life.”
What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?
 The social justice issue I am most passionate about is racism because it is the most prevalent issue in this country, yet a very silly one.
Why would you encourage others to join the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
 I would encourage others to join MPF because it is a wonderful organization and an amazing opportunity to work with youth and to develop as a professional and a person. You meet all kinds of people, from all different walk of life.
Who has been your biggest support this year?
 My biggest supporter this year has been my supervisor Monica Tavares, she has done everything in her power to make me feel right at home with my host site and given all types of resources and help, making my transition into this new chapter of my life much more easier.
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
 The greatest adventure of my life would have to be backpacking across the world alone for a summer. I visited Europe and Africa, learned about different cultures, saw new places and made a ton of new friends. Truly an enriching experience.
What do you do to practice self-care?
 I love to take naps and when I wake up from those naps more energized, exercise feels almost therapeutic.
What benefits have you been able to take advantage of as a Massachusetts Promise
Fellow and how has your experience been with those benefits?
 I have been able to meet new people from different backgrounds from mine, and I have learned a great deal from those with whom I’m sharing this experience and still hope to learn more from these talented individuals.
How is MPF preparing you for your future career aspirations?
 I would one day love to be a guidance counselor in a public school, preferably in my hometown of Brockton and MPF is giving me the background working with youth to prepare for that position.

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