Fellow of the Week – Sarah Marie Saydun


Sarah is serving her first year at ZUMIX

What inspires you to serve?
Like many people who are involved in youth work, interacting with young people every day inspires me and keeps me motivated. I was a pretty confused and sad kid (who wasn’t?) and if it weren’t for some really awesome mentors, I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today, so I hope I can be that same kind of support to other teenagers. I also just love the energy that young people have! They have are so strong, capable, and passionate. They just need more people to tell them “yes you can”, instead of “no you can’t”.
What is your favorite part about serving at your host site?
 It’s exciting to be able to incorporate two big passions – music and youth work – at ZUMIX. I’ve been learning so much about both of those from my teens and from the staff!
What has been your biggest personal or professional accomplishment so far this year?
 The year just started, but I would say just being able to jump into a new role with a lot of responsibility and where I have the agency to make a lot of my own choices. I feel accomplished for setting goals for the year, taking ownership of projects that I’m excited for, and connecting with a new community of young people.
What is your dream job?
 I’m still figuring it out, but being able to work in youth development is definitely on the right track.
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
 I recently was lucky enough to pursue a teaching job in France for a year. Living and working in a tiny agricultural town in the middle of France was big adventure on its own, but I also got to work on a rhiad in the desert of Morocco and take a biking/camping trip down the west coast of Denmark. I had a wonderful experience

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