Fellow of the Week -Raffi Pontes

Raffi (left) is serving her first year with Breakthrough Greater Boston.
What inspires you to serve?
The thing that has inspired me the most at Breakthrough has been serving with incredibly motivated students and staff, and the positive energy that they bring to the Breakthrough community.
What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?
Inequitable access to resources, specifically related to health and education, and the subsequent negative outcomes that occur as a result.
Why would you encourage others to join the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
I would encourage others to join MPF because it connects you to incredible people who are passionate about social justice, provides you with amazing training’s and opportunities for professional development, and gives you a chance to serve with wonderful and talented youth.
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
My greatest adventure so far has been living in New Zealand for a year and getting to study, travel, and work all around the country!
What do you do to practice self-care?
 Spontaneous dance parties, being with friends, and reading.

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