Fellow of the Week – You Y Ou

You Y is serving her first year at BUILD-Boston
What inspires you to serve?
I believe that every students have the potential to be successful in school, but some of them might not have the necessary resources to help them achieve their full potential. This belief inspired me to serve, so I could provide additional support to help these students succeed in school.
Who has been your biggest support this year?
Dori, my supervisor at BUILD, has been my biggest support this year. It is hard for me to talk to my family about MPF because they don’t understand that even though I work at BUILD, I’m also part of MPF. As for Dori, I interned with her last year and she was the one who encouraged me to apply for MPF, so I could talk to her about MPF without having to explain myself. She is so understanding and helpful and I’m so lucky to have her as a supervisor again.
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
The greatest adventure of my life so far was my study abroad experience in China. It was my first time traveling by myself and growing up in a family where my parents sheltered me, I was nervous yet excited for this new found freedom. It was exhilarating traveling by myself and I got to meet so many wonderful people. After my semester of study abroad, I learned to be more independent and I learned to appreciate the world more because there are so many amazing places I have yet to explore. I learned so much within those 3 months of study abroad and I cherished every single moment of it.

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