Fellow of the Week – Elizabeth Gillig

Beth is serving her second year as a Senior Fellow and with Stoughton Youth Commission

What inspires you to serve?
My youth! I’m constantly amazed by their kindness and passion. Their motivation to create a better world for all people by doing community service and leading positive change in their community inspires me every day.
What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?
There are so many issues embedded in our society it’s hard to choose one, but one thing I’m passionate about is mental health and combating the stigma around it. This shaped why I was a psychology major in college, and I try to live my life to create more acceptance and awareness about mental health.
Why would you encourage others to join the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
There are so many reasons to join! You get to serve fantastic youth in your program, gain experience in the working world, and develop personally and professionally as a leader. The biggest reason though is that the Fellowship is an amazing support system. Your fellow Fellows are some of the most passionate, wise, inspiring, and supportive people you’ll ever meet, and I’m humbled to serve alongside them.
Who has been your biggest support this year?
My family! Thank you Mom, Dad, Sarah, Steve, Becky, and Ben for always being there for me.

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