Fellow of the Week – Megan Doe


Megan is serving her first year with St. Stephens

What inspires you to serve?
Young people! They remind me to dream big and inspire me to do better every day. I also remember how difficult those years were and I want to be the caring adult I wish I had.
What social justice issue are you most passionate about and why?
I am passionate about the refugee crisis. While I was studying abroad, I experienced the unprecedented number of refugees that flooded the borders of Germany in 2015 and want to help educate Americans on the reality of the matter. I am committed to continuously finding ways to advocate for and support refugees as I also know first hand the psychological trauma that xenophobia can cause for generations.
Why would you encourage others to join the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
I cannot imagine my life without this year. The people you meet, the connections you build, the knowledge and experience you gain… it is remarkable. Since August I’ve been surrounded by the most caring and driven people I’ve ever meet. Every single fellow has been an inspiration to me in a different way. It’s been an absolute honor to learn and grow with such a distinguished cohort of people.
Who has been your biggest support this year?
My family and friends, far and wide, have always supported me in my pursuits of happiness. They are incredible. I must also give a special shout out to my sister Katie Doe! During my last semester of college I was overwhelmed at the thought of life after graduation and was thinking about next steps. She actually is an MPF alum and thought the program would make a great fit for me and so encouraged me to apply. She is my oldest sister and so I’ve always valued and trusted her guidance. I can always count on her to pick up the phone and tell me a funny story when times get rough. It’s not always a one way street though! I find myself giving her foot-rubs in exchange for wisdom haha
Describe the greatest adventure of your life.
This past year! I moved here to Boston in August following a year of studying abroad in Trier, Germany. During that time, I had the opportunity to travel and create meaningful relationships with people from all over the world (#nieallein). I then moved here without knowing one person but was welcomed with open arms by MPF staff and my fellow fellows. To say the least, this entire year has taught me a great deal about myself and has helped me to envision the kind of world I want to help create thanks to the people I’ve met along the way.
What do you do to practice self-care?
I jam out to hip-hop and disco. I also enjoy walks, looking at art, drinking tea, FaceTiming, eating buffalo chicken dip, and making friends with strangers.
What benefits have you been able to take advantage of as a Massachusetts Promise Fellow and how has your experience been with those benefits?
One amazing benefit is being able to take free classes at Northeastern University. One of my dreams is to work in international higher education and MPF is helping me to achieve this goal through classes in the College of Professional Studies. I just started my graduate work in Global Studies and International Relations with a concentration in Global Student Mobility. I am so excited! Additionally, MPF provides monthly professional development trainings on topics surrounding social justice, culture competence and youth advocacy. My host site St. Stephen’s is also committed to continuous learning and creates space for open dialogue in these areas. These trainings have given me the language and tools needed to navigate challenges in the field of youth work while also fueling my love for working with middle schoolers. Lastly, MPF in and of itself is an incredible networking opportunity. Between my and other fellow host sites, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with other non-profit organizations across the Commonwealth and Greater Boston Area.
How is MPF preparing you for your future career aspirations?
Professional and personally I feel more confident now than ever. I’ve received an immense amount of encouragement from MPF staff, my advising group, and my host site. I know that in whatever I do, I’ll have an army of support behind me!

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