Fellow of The Week: Eziah Karter-Sabir Blake

Welcome to the LAST Official post for the Class 16 and the FIRST Official post for Class 17! What better way to wrap up the year than to spotlight an amazing Fellow who has signed on to serve a second year as a Senior Fellow!? Read more about him below!
Eziah is currently the Safe Schools Fellow at The Massachusetts Commission on LGBT Youth.
Next year, Eziah will serve as The Community Building Coordinator Senior Fellow!
1. Why did you choose to join The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship?
I was initially intrigued by the work my host site was doing but knew about MPF because I had applied last year too. What really made MPF appealing was the trainings because I felt like I could solidify myself as a youth worker and connect with other youth workers. 
2. How did you feel supported by MPF this year?
The  staff was always there to talk things out and my advisor Carro always sent positive quotes and checked in. It was nice to know folks were thinking of me in between monthly meetings.
3. How did you grow professionally because of your MPF experience?
I certainly grew in terms of professional development. I feel more like a youth worker. I feel better equip to work with young people and all of the things they may be dealing with. 
4. As an incoming Senior Fellow, what do you hope to accomplish in your second year of service?
I want to be a role model for incoming fellows and help them adjust or conquer challenges. As far as personally I hope I do the social justice curriculum justice. I have some big shoes to fill but feel confident I can bring it. 
5. What advice do you have for incoming First Year Fellows?
Connect with other fellows. The time with other fellows isn’t just about training it’s about connecting. We are spending a year together tackling all the lows and celebrating the highs.

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